Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Newest New Job!!

I know it seems like just a month ago that my husband got a new job, but GUESS WHAT! He got himself ANOTHER new job!! He's in such demand!

He wasn't looking for one, despite having learned that his contract wasn't funded for 2 years, as he was told. It was actually funded through...February. The interviewer called from a resume submitted when he was looking for the job he has now. He interviewed because you should always interview.

The day before his interview, the BLM began talking about possibly making a permanent position for him. Oh the drama! After some research, we learned that employment paperwork he had to fill out barred him from working for the BLM for a year, and from working in the same position he had as a Ciber employer. Ever. That made the decision easier.

Turns out, the interview went really well. We both got a really good vibe from this very small Vancouver, Washington-based company in a very interesting business: water valuation and brokering. AND the work is closer to what he likes doing: cartography. AND they were offering a 20 percent salary increase over what he was earning at the City of Nampa. AND it's in the swanky downtown financial district...if you can believe it, his new job will be even closer to our house (1 mile) than my job (1.5 miles)! Always gotta one-up me. Hooray! Car-free commutes for the whole family!

I have suggested we walk to work together, hold hands, and find a coffee shop in which to canoodle. He's very excited about that notion. ;) Livin' the dream, baby.


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