Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tiffany Visits!

Apologies for the lapse in updates, I've been off doing my very best to flunk out of grad school...

Anyway, Sister was here! Sister was here! We were all pleased to host the vacationing Tiffany here in Boise. She popped over on Friday night and stayed through Wednesday midday. Per her request (and my energy levels) we didn't traipse around the country seeing the sights, but instead stayed local and mostly just enjoyed down time.

Miss Ginger was soooo pleased to see her Auntie Poo!

We walked almost everywhere we went, except when we went to the mall and out to BBQ. We went to breakfast at Bungalow in Hyde Park where Sister and I shared the oh-so-delicious giant breakfast samich on Saturday. OK, and it's so good, we did it again on Sunday. We know a good thing when we see it.

Sister read a lot while she was here, getting up super early to read and make coffee for the whole family. So nice!
She has this weird phobia about fried eggs that have gotten cold, so when I found these tiny apricot-flavored fried egg candies, I had to get them. I did my best to hide them on her plate, her book, her pants, her can of soda, but mostly they didn't scare her that much, she just ate them.

I was able to take Monday off and Sister and I got my craft supplies and stamps out and spent the whole day making greeting cards, watching DVRed Oprahs and the CMAs, and having coffee. SUCH fun.

She was able to walk in my thrift-store-find Jimmy Choos a lot better than I am. Plus they fit her slightly better too. Despite this, they will hopefully be on Ebay by the weekend.

Plus, she was able to take this cute pic of us at the Poetry Slam.
We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. My husband appreciated having the TV to himself to play Fallout on the Xbox while we walked downtown to a coffee shop in the evening. Sister returned home on Wednesday after a fun visit.
Thanks for the visit, Sister!


Marie said...

I'm jealous!! I want a stay-at-home, drinking-coffee, crafting day with MY sister! (Although I could do without the Country Music Awards.)

Aren't sisters so much fun!?

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