Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Company Christmas Party

TWO WEEKS since my last post? Apologies, dear readers! We traveled to Portland on the 12th and I stayed the whole next week, and enjoyed a mostly computer-free week!

The trip was due, in part, to my husband's company, which flew us to Portland and put us up at Edgefield for their Christmas party! We stayed in the "Farm Students" Room and enjoyed a soak in Ruby's soaking pool. The party was fun fun fun, with cocktail hour, dinner, a white elephant, and shutting down the pool hall late in the evening!
I had never stayed at Edgefield before, only at the Grand Lodge, which I have a great affinity for, being on the west side and all. ;) But I think my favorite of the refurbed hotels has to be Kennedy School...the academic theme appeals to the student in me.


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