Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from us...and Obama!

Merry Christmas! We got up early and made a feast of tiny delicious "breakfast appetizers" just like Mom does.

I got this beautiful pearl chandelier from J! It's going to look awesome when we get some first-floor improvements done.

J got this pirate hat from my Mom!

And new toe socks for wearing with flip-flops. :)

Santa also brought me this dolly-topped bottle of "G" perfume. I love her. She smells just like a delicious coconut shave ice.

Plus, I got Obama: An action figure we can believe in! Standing in a fruit tray you can sink your teeth into.


Marie said...

Do you really like "toe socks"? Because we got 3 pair of tabi for Christmas from a Japanese family (who send us pressies every year), and I was going to put them into the Business Services white elephant gift exchange this year! (The lunch got postponed to January.)

Love all your Christmas posts!

tibs said...

That chandelier is a confection! I lurrve it. Any thoughts on where you'll hang that lovely piece?

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