Friday, December 26, 2008

A Visit to Sister's: Part One

StormWatch 2008 changed our plans a wee big. After a festive evening in Longview, we high-tailed it to the airport, where my husband hopped a plan back to Boise and I dumped our rental car, opting to just use MAX to get around for a while.

So off to sister's (very festive) house for two nights! Thankfully her house is just a short walk from MAX.

We quickly made a game plan: suit up and walk to the store for the things we would need to survive the storm.

The snow kept sister from work on Monday, so we used that Handy MAX again and were off to Lloyd Center for the day! The shopping! The Newport Grille chicken strips! And a Lloyd Center highlight: sodas at Paradise Bakery.
The next morning we hosted Aisha for an early morning breakfast date on her way to work! So nice to gab and have coffee...and sister put together such a delicious meal before she was off to work!


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