Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Speed Skating!

Because of an unfortunate death in Jon's extended family, this week found the in-laws on their way to Denver, so were at our house when we arrived home after the concert! We knew we'd be up late with the concert so had pre-scheduled the day off, so were able to spend the day lolly-gagging around town like we too were retired. They were back on the road Wednesday morning, but will be back next week for their housesitting appointment!
We walked downtown to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then what else to do? Well, the aforementioned World Winter Games are in town (and so brightly hailed behind my husband!) so we decided to go check out the speed skating event!

We watched the trial races for both men's and women's speed skating. We had the cheering sections for Team Korea on our left, Team Germany on our right, Team Canada behind us, and Team Chinese Taipei in front of us! Here are athletes from France and the Netherlands, I believe. As usual, I offered a little more exuberant support for Team Netherlands! VP Biden will be in attendance tomorrow at the figure skating finals and medal ceremony, but a dullsville agency meeting tomorrow will keep me from doing a little veep-spotting. :(
Plus, I loves me a good Zamboni. :)


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