Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stacey's Underage West Linn Pancake Factory

While on the surface Stacey appears to be a mild-mannered mom, our secret photography shows that she may actually be the head of a white slavery ring...producing pancakes for the greater West Linn area. [Sister: This may be related to Hillsboro's Toast Factory.]

Witness her passing over to the captive the contraband "leaded coffee," when clearly his dinosaur jammies show him to be only 2 years old.
She stands by, ensuring the poor lad finishes this giant cup of liquid crack.
She then stands back and lets this cracked-up toddler do the hard work...cooking! At a hot skillet! With no protective footwear!! And yet, his deft spatula work shows he's clearly done this 11 or 12 times before...

We were able to capture this footage when she stepped out to the warehouse for more batter.

I suspect Taline might have been in the backyard tapping the trees for maple syrup.


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