Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little Slice of Heaven

Well, it's been nearly a month since our marriage contract negotiations. They went pretty smoothly. There weren't any breakdowns, and no picketing.

My husband's company happened to be celebrating their 8th anniversary on the evening of our 9th anniversary, so we celebrated out with them. It was anniversaries all around!

We both re-upped! Yay!! Another year of wedded bliss.
In honor of our achievement, my husband received a bottle of port from the year of our nuptials.

My husband wooed me with a new ring! A custom-designed ring. A customed-designed ring made from a river rock. A river rock he pulled from the Nehalem River, out in front of my parents' house. A river rock he tumbled in his rock tumbler for a month until it was smooth enough to be set in jewelry.
Here's a sketch done by the jeweler, of my husband's vision.

Here's the the test model, cast in green wax, with two Montana river sapphires on the side.

Here's the final piece, set in white gold! Pay you no nevermind to my sausage fingers...I've been in grad school for three years.

I'm simply smitten with it...the top view, and also the design of the ring proper. A little square, and a little wavy.'s dreamy...
In addition to the porto, my husband also received this awesome chicken. I don't know...feather encrusted chicken....river-rock and sapphire-encrusted custom-designed jewelry...seems as good a match as us... :) Thanks honey. xx


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