Thursday, October 22, 2009

Undergarments in the Window

A friend of mine works for Komen, and asked me to participate as one of 50 artists who decorated bras that are on display around downtown as part of breast cancer awareness month.

While it looks black in the picture, it's actaully brown faux suede. The decor is done in Swarovski crystals.

My piece is called "Nice Rack."
Alternate title: "Deer in the Headlights."

We had been talking hunting a lot during its creation. :)
I felt fortunate to be assigned such a high-profile window -- Macy's downtown!
They will be auctioned off next week at the Komen "Pink Party" to raise money for Komen, of course.
A friend at work thought the placement of my "artist's statement" was an added touch." ;)
Here's the "before." An undergarment company donated them so everyone started from the same base. The silly transparent straps were not helpful.
During the early design stages it had a bit of a "long-horn" look that I liked too.
And when we were downtown at first Thursday perusing the "bra competition," who did we spy but our next door neighbor, wee baby Helen, out doing the bra walk!
Helen was born about a month after we bought our house. She's not really a baby anymore, but we will likely always refer to her as That Baby Helen. She is simultaneously a great source of amusement, and also our arch-nemesis. She represents the whole of her household in our conversations. As in, "Oooh That Baby Helen, she remembers to put her garbage out first each week..." Or "Did you know that That Baby Helen is off to Moab this weekend?" Or "That Baby Helen's yardwork puts us to shame...."
I hope that That Baby Helen voted for my bra.


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