Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Doors!

With new windows, ya oughta upgrade the doors too, lest all those new insulative powers be for naught.

And plus, probably time to upgrade the rather primitive locks...
Tho I did save the sought-after jeweled doorknob. It would have looked silly on the new doors. I'll find something to do with it tho. There's another on the bathroom door.
The old back door was wooden. It swelled in the winter and was too small in the summer.
And the "basement" door was just plain wacky. Lavender on the outside, green on the inside. And hillbilly all over. ;)

The new back doors are a matching putty color. And of course Miss G got her own door cut into our new door.
The basement door has a shade between the glass! And we put cipher locks on all the doors. I LOVE cipher locks. If you need a new lock, I implore you to get these. They rock. :)


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