Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Kitchen Window

First on the docket: the kitchen window. I can hear many of you green-thumbers scorning me already, so I'll go ahead and take my lashes early.

I hated this 1970s terrarium window. It was aluminum, the worst of all windows ever. And it stuck out of the house like an RV slide-out. And I could never reach the knob to open it without getting a chair. I hated it, and barely knew it.
The window guys had to tape it off and saw it out of place.
It took a lot to get it out...
Including having our funny little window man up on the counter.
But putting a traditional window back in its place feels better. And with the $500 clams we saved not putting in a new terrarium window, I can buy a LOT of herbs. Hooray for new kitchen windows!! And you knew I wasn't going to grow anything in there anyway... ;)


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