Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Front Door!

So yeah, the back doors are cool and all, buuuut...

We also replaced the front door...

Yep, another wooden door. Painted too many times. Didn't seal.

Ripping out a 70-year-old door frame is a little like ripping out carpet. If you've ever done it, you'd consider wearing gloves next time.

New door new door new door!! I loooooove it!!

It's sooo fancy...
And a brass cipher on the front to match the caming between the glass panels. Mostly I just wanted to use cipher and caming in the same sentence. I learned this knob trick from my mom: you don't need a free hand to open the door, an elbow works. So smart! All three doors got one!
And it does THIS!! I LOVE IT!!
The old boxed-in windows and doors...
New windows! New doors!! Soooo lucky!


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