Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Sixteen!

Today (June 30) is Miss Ginger's birthday! If you follow the dog years logic, that makes her right around 112 in human years. But by the Gregorian calendar, today she is 16! Stay off the roads, people.
Like someone who is around 112 years, she sometimes falls asleep mid-conversation... And sometimes mid...walk... Who can resist a good sunbeam? Lounging in sunbeams is what the golden years are for!
When we adopted these two at age 7, their first owners had divorced and neither could/would keep them. One travelled too much, the other's new husband was allergic. But they were AKC registered purebreds. (Even the pedigreed can suffer a broken home.) So in their packet of AKC paperwork was this pic of them at about 6 months old. That makes her only about 3.5 in dog years here! :)
Who among us doesn't have a few more grays? For her birthday, my husband got her this awesome new collar... He does a good job shopping for her... they are both autumns.
I went with a more obvious gift for someone as on in years as she is.
My husband says with the tabs, it looks a bit like a hospital gown. I have to agree.
We just hope she doesn't take control of the remote, what with paws now freed of the encumbrances of a regular blanket.


David Gustafson said...

Maybe Miss Ginger deserves a tasty birthday Margarita.


Alison said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Ginger from one wienerful household to you! The Schwartz wieners are all wishing you a happy birthday with many many more to come. Your sister, Samantha, says she hopes she looks as good at your age...she is trailing you by a few years...but hopes she carries her gray off as good as you do!

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