Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Pastoral Living for Me!

Sooooo....instead of a bird with all the trimmings, we decided to go with Thanksgiving dinner at the Clackamas mall Chevy's...complete with cranberry margaritas. ;) Heh! We were happy to have our quesadillas and whatnot, then return to the heart ward where Dad got got a new valve!

After 5 short nights in the hospital, BLAM! they sent him home for rest and recovery...with me! Recovery includes 2 to 4 four daily walks...

On one we discovered this dead cat.... NO! That's Lucky, throwing himself in Dad's path so as to keep him from walking by without a petting.

We have some of the most lovely options for walks!

So I'm caretaking for most of this month! Whenever we leave our rather remote location, we try to do something social, like coffee at the little cafe where sister and I worked through college. Dad is a stellar patient and will be 100 percent in no time!


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