Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cats and Dogs, Living in McCall

Plus Brew came too! And he brought his giant noggin!

Are you going to pet me?

If no, then go away. You bore me.

Zebra, less demanding. With his wonky eyes, he appeared to be staring at me from wherever I was in the room.

You know how every time we drive up Warren Wagon back into town, and we pass that one house, and my husband always says "remember when we saw that bobcat tied to that big rope that one time we drove by here?" And you know how I'm not very trusting and I never believe him? Uhhh....GIANT GATO!
GIIIIIIIIAAAAAANT GAAAATOOOOOO! Doesn't he just look like he wants a big hug? I love his giant kitty paws.


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