Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hiking in the Sun

During our McCall Saturday, my husband and I went off exploring and hiking while the rest of our party went skiing. We would have had to rent gear to go cross-country skiing, and it just seemed like a lot of work. So we worked on getting that shiny truck dirty.

BEARS! At first I thought the sign said "DON'T antagonize bears." Like someone would need to be told that. That's just natural selection there.

My husband hits the trail! We only drove like 25 miles from McCall, which had a couple feet of snow, and BLAM! dang-near 70 degrees and sunburny!

Such glorious scenery!

Its hard to think about stupid stuff when you can't hear anything in your head but the river flowing.

We ended up hiking for about 3 hours. So steep!

On our way out, these deers were playing chicken with the truck. Luckily this time they won.


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