Sunday, March 18, 2012

Survival Skills

There was a bit of a mishap on our hike. My husband sometimes likes to hike ahead of me...and of course, as we've discussed, I dawdle.

Here's where the incident begins. My husband is standing on a rock taking my picture. By the time I got down there, he was gone. Or so I thought.

So I figured I was behind, and picked up the pace. Both my husband and I are apparely quiet as mice, as he was still there, I just didn't notice him. And he didn't notice me. And in trying unsuccessfully to find him, I got about half a mile ahead of him.

After discussing with other hikers whether he had been sighted, I decided he just wasn't ahead of me. Or had been eaten by a bear he was antagonizing. Then I saw this lovely rock, and decided to turn around. Surely he had stepped off the trail and I had passed him.
After about an hour without seeing each other, we each walked around a rock outcropping and smack into each other. Phew! All was saved. Tho my husband was having a time of it trying to catch me. I'm quick like lightning. We found a sandy beach beside the river and rested a bit before resuming our return hike.
Tho apparently we won't be changing our separate-hiking habits. ;)
Yay! Our hiking party is back together again!

Hooray for (minor) survival skills!


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