Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cycling Around Boise!

Cycling from pub to pub in honor of a 37th birthday? Seems like a prime way to have fun. I'm super in.

Hmm. Slightly more work than anticipated by some of my fellow riders...turns out...actual  pedaling. 

Integration with actual traffic.

No actual handlebars tho...

But, turns out, actual bars.

One of our fellow riders served as a hilariously entertaining DJ, and was even able to amuse over the Kid Rock blasting out of the speakers system.
We did get a stern talking-to from Barney Fife about unsafe parking near the capitol building and why he was "contacting" us.

But he let us off with just a warning and  we were able to do a fun group shot! Criminal repercussions dodged yet again!


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