Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get this. DAD. GOLFING.

While my husband and I, and even sister, have played golf for a long time, Dad's never been a big golfer...but he's decided he wants to play in Uncle Darrell's tournament a second year, so we were off to the local course for a few pointers and some fun in the sun! And as you know, fun starts with being driven around in golf carts. **My fave.**

He was even rockin' fancy new sportin' shoes. Lucky, as we were out a sportin'.

Can't go wrong with Warm Springs Course. Gooses and teenage gooses!

But you must be vigilant in your play, or the gooses will come for you.

Dad's an excellent putter, despite that he plays backwards...being a southpaw and all.  

Then we were accosted by this angry young man on the course...they should really do something about the rabble-rousers.

Me, about to sink a very long putt.

Then, to the Crow for post-game revelry!


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