Friday, May 17, 2013

Be! Our! Guest! Be Our Guest!

The traveling live Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast came to town! I love love love B&TB, so scrounged up a couple of little-girl "beards" so I could go incognito. We have a neighborhood full of angry, surly little boys, so it was nice to hang with little ladies for the afternoon. And big ladies too. And one husband. 
After breakfast out we hung out in the park, having coffee and enjoying the sun until the curtain. Poofy dresses and all.
Note to self: tell more innocuous secrets, it just looks fun, and makes people wonder what you are up to.
They all! Fall! Down!
One thing I didn't anticipate was the number of little Belles that were there.
A lot of little Belles.
We were in the Mezzanine, so at one point I calculated that there was at least a Belle per aisle for like 20 aisles.
Thanks for going gang!


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