Monday, April 28, 2008

Girl Party '08 in Phoenix ROCKS!!

We four lovely ladies have safely returned from Girl Party 08! Nope, Anita, no one was arrested. We have now been terribly spoiled by the luxury of a private pool. No saving chairs, no "pool open" hours, no one (you don't know) kicking very fancy! I'm quite sure we can't go back to hotel pools.

This gang of chicks also has a history of picking a Saturday during Spring when a big Portland school is having prom, and going to dinner downtown, to dine, gab, and gawk at prom kids in their over-the-top garb. We call it -- get this -- prom night. WELL! We had the luck of scheduling our GP dinner the same night as many Scottsdale proms, so we got our GP dinner and prom gawking in the SAME NIGHT! Our top vote went to the young lady in the silky ivory number with the slight train, jeweled front, and draped back. We all gave her a 10. Plus, there was a wedding in the hotel too! We hit the jackpot!

Our house was great, the food delicious, and as usual, the company spectacular. The weather was perfect!! SUCH fun.

Our gondola ride at the Hyatt Scottsdale. Our gondolier serenaded us in Italian! (Our dressing in matching black and white was purely accidental.)

What's a Friday afternoon at the pool without big hats and tequila shots?

My sweet sister attempting to not do the aforementioned peeing her pants from laughter.

Our Kristin enjoying herself some pool time.

We were all impressed with Stacey's finery, complimented by Russian Red lipstick. Fabulous.

Sure, you all wear your lucite-heeled, clear vinyl sandals year-round, but I only wear mine to Girl Party. OK, I would have worn them in Kathryn's wedding, had she asked me to bridesmaid. But other than those two circumstances, the lucite Girl Party shoes remain tucked away.

At work, if we are out-0f-control busy, we often say "my hair's on fire." Thanks to a duraflame log by the pool, it appears my hair is really on fire.

Our sweet Kristin posing with our delicious junk-food cereals, and of course, the unbelievably delicious Nilla wafers. Mmmm..

GP08! SUCH fun!


Marie said...

How fun!!! You all look fabulous!!! (Except that photo of you with the hair on fire, in which you look a little scary!!)

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