Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What's better than playing on your company's co-ed softball team? Getting your own Marmot T-shirt and having your husband play in your stead! Whoo-hoo!

My husband graciously agreed to be a Marmot this year for spring softball! He joins a long-standing team of people who have never practiced together, yet get out there and give it their all. I join a long row of spouses and family members sitting in the sun in a lawnchair enjoying a cold one (250 feet from the Boise River please.)

In game 2, he was even recruited to pitch. PITCH. I had no idea I was married to the pitcher. That's fancy. The Marmots are currently 1 and 1.

He springs into action while playing third base. NO, I couldn't get up and walk around the chainlink fence.

From Josh "Coach Jeb" Butler's original team-building e-mail: "In lieu of practice (that's French for 'in the meantime'), feel free to getcho grass roots selves together and throw, run, catch, and do chin-ups. Any amount of stretching you factor in to your regimen is NOT ENOUGH. Do it. You are old. You are not nimble. In fact, other than your own little fuzzy Marmot of a mother, no one even thinks you're cute! So warm-up those muscles, exercise, and gosh darn it, let's be the best Marmots we can be!"
Here's my husband and his fuzzy Marmot mama.

Time (and St. Rogue's Red) heals all (softball) wounds.

(Second from the right in the khaki shortpants) playing nice with other Marmots.


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