Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break in Manzanita!

Spring Break in Manzanita was fun fun and more fun! I took the train to Beaverton where sister picked me up, and after a pit stop for Cheetos (our classic road trip food) we were on our way through the glorious sunshine...

No, no really. We drove through that bizarre spring break snowstorm. But, a bag of Cheetos later we made it to Manzanita where the parents graciously had the beach house all warmed up and cozy! It was a fun weekend at the Beach House...dinner at the San Dune, shopping at the Hope Chest and in town, a rousing game of Scrabble, we watched The Full Monty...such fun! Sunday we were off to the River Property, and then back to Portland to catch a plane.

Spring Break seemed so short this year...sigh... :) But it was so nice to see the fam!!

Sister at the new beach ramp!

Sadness that the paint in my paint-by-numbers pony was all dried up.

Fun with masks, in an attempt to maintain our youthful glow!


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