Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The HVAC Upgrade is complete!

WHOOOO-WEE!! The HVAC upgrade is complete! Our waterheater has been replaced, our furnace has been replaced, there's now an AC unit where formerly there was none, and there's new, shiny ductwork to all the rooms in the house, unlike before.

While 'Jason' and 'Todd' could not have been more polite, conscientious, fastidious, professional, and just downright nice, it will be good to have our house back, after sharing it for six dusty days.

BIG thanks to Art and Carolyn for keeping Miss Ginger from eating anyone's legs off on those days when I was unable to work from home!

Jason lying around (sealing up the old vent).

This is the AC unit that will keep you and me cool when you come visit this summer. :) It's a slightly larger AC unit than we were anticipating, (OK, it's nearly as big as my car!) but there was some special, so we got upgraded for the same cost we were originally quoted.

Behold!! Our new furnace!

Me standing in the attic, looking down the hole to the pipe in the kitchen a floor below.

We lost most of the ceiling in the basement. Still beats doing laundry in the garage. :)

One of the messiest days. Though the boys cleaned up after themselves each night!


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