Friday, October 10, 2008

Sister Update: New Hair, New Kitty!

Sister got a new haircut! It had been quite a while since she'd gotten a haircut, so it was well deserved. Way to spice up the Farmers cubicles, sister! And are you rockin' Farmers logowear? Sweet.

PLUS, GUESS WHAT! Sister got a kitty! "Alley Katz" is her first non-goldfish pet in adultdom. Where did she get this spectacular beast, you ask? The pound? Rescue?

Naw. Not Sister. She just took the neighbor's cat.

She said, "WHAT!? Your old cat doesn't like your new dog, so you keep your cat locked in the garage 24/7? Aw, hell no! What say you pass over the gato and no one gets hurt...

Welcome to the family, Alley!

The cat in the French, chat spanish it's el gato in a som-brer-ro...


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