Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Made a Fruitcake?

That was my husband's response to this pic of the mosaic-ed pictured frame I made at Mosaic Night, a super fun opportunity to glue, gab, and gobble down delicious snicky-snacks with a small group of other harried, yet creative types, including Brandy, our organizer and mosaic guru, and Paula, among others!

The small white blocks are actually tiny mirrors, and the piece is mid-grout here.

OK. While I think it's pretty, it might resemble fruitcake just a wee bit. :)


Marie said...

What a gorgeous fruitcake!!! Wish I could have been there at the mosaic party with you, Brandy, and Paula!!

M-I-L said...

Nice cake!! Would you like a copy of my friend's mother's recipe for a chocolate/mayonnaise 4-week waiting period fruitcake, or jon's naked baby pic. to go with this one?

amy said...

Can I just add that Anita thought it was one of those resin toilet seats with the stuff embedded inside? I have to admit, on first glance, it's not that unreasonable.

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