Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Hundred Posts!

Can you believe this is my 200th post? Amazing! I hope I've entertained you more than bored you, kept you up-to-date on our Boise adventures, and most importantly, kept from overloading your inboxes with tons of photos!

In honor of my 200th post, and the publishing last week of the "Best of Boise" issue of the Boise Weekly (Idaho's equivalent of Willamette Week) I'd like to offer my's Best of Boise!

  • Best Wildlife: A tie!! Between the sleek red foxes that hang out across the street from our house and the funny little quail who play behind our house.
  • Best Season: Winter! I loved the fun and beauty of a true, cold, snowy winter here.
  • Best Meal Out: Spicy lamb grinder at Bar Gernika. Spectacular. Despite the fact that when I eat it, I can hear that little bleating lamb from the Simpsons saying "Liiiiisaaaaa, don't eeeeeat meeeee."
  • Best Cocktail: The Fuji Apple at Happy Fish Sushi & Martini Bar: Absolut Citron, Absolut Mandarin, Apple Schnapps and fresh lemon juice with...get this...pop rocks on the rim!!!
  • Best Unexpected Recycling Perk: Can buy any brand of soda and simply recycle can at curbside!!
  • Best Phrase to Explain Anything Wonky, Off-kilter, or Beyond Explanation: "'s Idaho..."


tibs said...

Congrats on 200 posts! I, for one, LUUURRRVVVEE your blogging. Thanks so much for the regular updates and photos!

And I have just one thing to say after reading the Amy's Best of Boise list:

Please put DRINK COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF FUJI APPLE MARTINI AT HAPPY FISH on the docket for my next trip to Boise. Yay!

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