Sunday, October 5, 2008

We've Returned from South Central (Oregon)!

WHOO-WEE! Our trip to southern central Oregon was a whole lotta whirlwind, but we successfully celebrated Carolyn's (belated) birthday with hikes, dinner, and cupcakes! It was a super fun adventure, but we don't recommend this trip again without at least one day off.

We saw a LOT of this view.

We made it all the way to Christmas Valley Friday night, where we snuggled into the truck...only to have Miss G keep us up half the night, circling and circling on the sleeping bags, attempting to get out of the truck and at the fox/coyote/raccoon or whatever other wildlife outside was making her insane.

Us about to hike around Fort Rock, a crater that was shelter for natives thousands of years ago.

JN and Carolyn hiking through "Crack in the Ground," a volcanic fissure about 2 miles long and 70 feet deep in some spots.

Another small hike before dinner.

Dinner at the Cowboy Dinner Tree! If you are ever in southern central Oregon, you gotta go to this unusual little off-the-grid restaurant. You have two menu options: a 28 oz. steak or a whole chicken!

I love the little pirate head sticking out from behind JN's orange fleece. And where else would one wear a gold bolo tie necklace? (Thanks, Mom!) The next morning we parted ways, us back to Boise, them off to Ashland for a play. Happy Birthday Carolyn! Thankfully, we will still need you, and we will still feed you, when you are 64. :)


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