Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Towel Fashions

When I was little, I had three cousins. Sometimes I think the days of having a million cousins is gone…unless you are a Duggar…(or my husband).

This was all of us. In this pic we are all out of order! The boy and the brunette are siblings. The blonde on the left is the singleton. Sweet sister is in the center. I’m on the right. Sister and I are the youngest.

We are at my cousins’ other grandparents’ house. And they had a POOL! And a diving board! And it was on a GOLF COURSE! It was the most awesome EVER! We would swim and play in the concrete pool until we had worn the pads of our fingers and toes down to open wounds. SERIOUSLY. Complete biohazard. Then we would band-aid up and drive their golf cart around. It was the freakin’ awesomest. At some point some adult would bring out a pile of towels for us.

Towels? Seriously? What kid actually uses a towel?!?

Somewhere along the way we invented Towel Fashions. Basically you had to take the pile of towels and use them to create a look... An ensemble... An outfit… from... towels. Maybe it was two towels, maybe it was six towels. It was awesome fun.

Flash forward to today… I love watching “Project Runway.” The fabric! The accessories wall! The fashion!! I love it. Once a season they do some challenge where the contestants have to create a look from some strange item, like newspaper, or burlap sacks.

Part of me just can’t wait until they have to use a pile of old towels. ‘Cause we – five kids in 1970s swimsuits in Mulino, Oregon – we totally invented Towel Fashions, Tim Gunn.


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