Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 40th My Friend!

I'm not sure if this means your old friends give you the leverage to be extra stupid, or if by the time you consider them "old friends" you actually have some disposable income with which you can afford to do stupid things together. I am going to rely heavily on both notions when we are off to Mexico in early 2011 in celebration of our 40th birthdays!! WHOO-HOO!!
In honor of this milestone event, I pulled out some pix from when we weren't yet 40! Here's us on Hippie Day during Spirit Week of our senior year! I think that vest should definitely come to Mexico.
Mid-high school we dressed up and went to Portland to see a professional ballet. Goodness that's a lot of hair.
Grade 6, tarting it up for the July Fourth parade at the beach. Not sure what 13-year-old tarts have to do with Independence, but oh how I loved those red plastic jelly pumps! Sorry for that one, my Sister (far left). It's really no wonder you aren't a big fan of Halloween. ;)
I can't wait to see what get-ups we can come up with for south of the border!! Happy birthday my friend!! :)


Mom in WL said...

Wow! What a walk down memory lane! I soooooo forgot about Hippie Day! Where did that vest and poncho come from?

Thank you very much my friend for the lovely pictures, memories and all out fun. I am a the person I am because you are my friend. Hugs!!!

Marie said...

OMG--those photos are hilarious!!! This was such a sweet tribute to your friend.

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