Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Retirement Must Come to an End....

But alas, my peaceful, retired touring life with the parents had to come to an end eventually. I had such fun seeing them, seeing Idaho's sights, and in generally enjoying the good life. On one of our lovely, relaxed meals out, I noted that I sometimes feel like that Syrah. ;)
On our last day's adventure we went to the historical museum. This is a picture of a logging camp mess hall circa 1920. I LOVE that its so civilized...tablecloths! I do so love a good tablecloth.
Note to self: head back saddle shot, not my most flattering angle. Mom and I messin' around on the museum's saddle exhibit! Hee hee!
Sooooo nice to see ya! Au revoir, parents! Thanks for the fun visit!


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