Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowmobiling! Burgdorf Hot Springs!

We made it safely to our snowmachining destination...Burgdorf Hot Springs! It was about 20 miles from the trailhead, and we made it without incident. Unless it is your opinion that two riders going up on one rail and bailing off their machine into a snowbank is an incident. We're just the get up, dust off the snow, and keep on ridin' sorta gang tho.
My husband is an excellent driver, and I navigated us safely through the snow.
We stayed for about 45 minutes, enjoying treats and refreshments...and of course that glorious sunshine!
We didn't, however, go for a dip. One woman unzipped her snowsuit to reveal a bikini underneath. Trying to climb back into that snowsuit post-dip with steamy wet hair, not so much.
I'm not even really a big fan of snow down my neck. I am a big fan of reckless abandon, however.
See? That's a Grade-A Snow Angel
My husband said I snowmachine like I kayak...usually recumbent and enjoying the sunshine. No helmet with the kayak tho.

 And then we were back on our rides and hit the track!


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