Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snowmobiling! Training Session...

The six of us decided to live on the edge and go snowmobiling! We thought we'd take on more family pic before heading out, in case my husband's new medical skills weren't enough and we had to leave a man behind. NO!

We geared up and headed to our snowmachine training session. We all had full-face helmets except Erika, who's old school red helmet I could not stop coveting. I had a white one just like it when I was a three-wheel rider at about this same age.

We looked kinda bad-ass in our gear.
I love the wee folk sitting on the ground like they were the offspring of a motorcycle gang...
This one wasn't so sure about the "replace the drive belt" part of the training.
 We got 3 two-seaters. "Bombardier"? They don't apparently make snowmachines named "leather recliner."
I got to ride with this guy. Me-ow.


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