Sunday, May 13, 2012

GP2012: Dinner Out!

We had some dang-fine cooks with us at the rental house, but it was time to let someone else prepare us a meal! Up to the 51 floor to Nove Italiano.
Complete with LED-lit Swarovski crystal chandeliers throughout.
And amazing, expansive views of the strip. Stuffed inside those olives? Aged blue cheese and tiny cubes of fantastic salami. FABULOUS.
The Palms has two towers. The restaurant is at the top of one, an expansive nightclub at the top of the other.
And we had the most fantastic foie gras appetizer. I suspect foie gras isn't the most socially acceptable appetizer one could order, but it was freakin' amazing. I'm not sure if its that little smile, or the flouncy curls, but sister looks like mom to me here. :)
And one of my very favorite parts of dining out? Post-dinner decaf! Kristin and I started our tradition of coffee years and years ago on our cruise to the Caribbean. Such lovely dining companions! 


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