Saturday, May 12, 2012

GP2012: Transit and Swag

My sweet GP companions very cleverly booked themselves on the flight out of PDX that went to Vegas via...Boise! And picked me up! Hee hee!
We sat alphabetically from right to left. :)
And then, with little trouble, we were at our rental house! And we had Girl Party swag!! Stacey brought us each one of these fancy margarita glasses, complete with customization and embedded Swarovski crystals!
And in addition to the GP12 on one side, our initials were on the other side!
And if that swag wasn't enough, I made us each these swanky Ts. The front...
The back...(sister's hair is a little washed out in this pic, but it's yellow!)
And each sleeve. We usually reserve Saturday night for going out and wearing some ridiculously over-the-top shoes. We had to make an exception this year, but I'll get to that...
Yay! Welcome to GP2012!


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