Sunday, May 13, 2012

GP2012: The Palms!

First up, I neglected to remember to print out the confirmation for our all-access all-club arm bands, so there was a mad rush to attempt to access emails. Non-techie sister was LOVING our phone time. ;) The day before the Palms had telephoned me to say that there was a special event at one of the nightclubs, which we could attend for an additional 100 bones. Uh, thanks, but not so much.
And the third part of Dad's awesome participation in GP (after the champagne and flowers): he wanted to buy us the first round of drinks at the Palms! SO SWEET!
Cheers to Dad! Thanks for the fun!
Well hello, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" slot machine!
I like the reflection if Kristin and I in the glass.
Sister, a bit stymied that the one-armed bandit has stolen her pennies...I think it was a dollars worth? And that, ladies and gentlemen, was nearly the entirety of our gambling.


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