Saturday, May 12, 2012

GP2012: The House

Despite adminitions by the home's owner to rent a car, we just relied on taxis to get around...and we had Safeway bring us our junk food groceries again! This genius plan works so well. We got into the house around 2 p.m. and the groceries arrived at 3 p.m. Perfect!
Red solo cup... Safety by the pool, please! As we didn't have a Sharpie, we used my Liquid Vinyl nail polish to mark our less-fancy chalices.
Come on ladies, let's get those air mattresses inflated!
Combine the two, and we are ready for our afternoon in the pool!
And, in keeping with tradition, I prepared the first meal: Big Salads! Featuring goat cheese and bacon and all sorts of deliciousness!
A new addition to GP: "Readers." Hee hee! What with only one of us left in our thirties, I suspect we will start to see more and more of these.
Hellooooo Big Salads!


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