Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Bluebird Day at Brundage!

We wrapped up goings-on in McCall and beat feet for Brundage for a bluebird day of downhill skiing.
How cold was it? This is my still-wet hair, frozen solid after approximately 10 minutes between the house and the truck.
Sally wins the award for the CUTEST SKI PANTS EVER. Also useful in identifying said sister-in-law on the slopes.
When I complimented my husband on his cool snowboard, he reminded me that I bought it for him. "I did? Huh. I guess I did.... I'm awesome."
Brothers, prepping to get on the lift.
My husband and Ollie, waiting for the others...
 My husband and Louie...the snowboarders.

A mid-day snack break in the out-of-doors. Where was I, you ask, if not skiing? Crossing an item off my bucket list: hanging out in the ski lodge drinking decaf and looking pretty. I also completed my holiday cards and read a bit. It was GLORIOUS!
And then the shuttle bus back to the trucks! So long, Brundage!


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