Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breakfast of Champions

Phew! We left after work on Friday night, and drove through snow, ice, wind, and rain to arrive in Longview around 10 p.m. After a good night's sleep, up around 9 a.m. to attack our first day of Christmas vacation...
After Art graciously drove to the store (for something else) and got us some Lucky Charms.
For we...are 6 years old. We never have cereal, much less "sugar cereal." When sister and I were little, we would always spend spring break at the beach house and Mom would let us get whatever cereal we wanted and basically have it whenever we wanted for that week. It felt ridiculously indulgent. I always hope parents do some version of this. It was really my first experience with both shopping, and menu planning.

So of course, we had to watch cartoons in our jammies with our bowls of Lucky Charms. It was the most spectacular sugar rush I've had in years. Let Christmas Vacation begin!!


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