Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Eggs, Vinyl, and Down Birthday

Back to Boise birthday! YAY! I've rarely had guests on my personal holiday, much less visitors from the north! Despite the snowy conditions, we were all game to walk downtown...
For breakfast! Breakfast with nephews, a good ol' time.
Then, shopping at our little record store in town. My brother-in-law and the gingers, checkin' out the vinyl. Made me wistful for the days when you would wander around checkin' out cover art and hangin' around the listening stations...and not downloading something you will never see the liner notes for.
Then over to the GoLite store to acquire my new down winter birthday coat. I pretty much haven't taken it off since I got it and love love love it!! Our guests headed to the airport and we popped downtown for nacho, then we watched the ball drop and our heads hit the pillows. Happy 2013!
My fave pic of all of us! So long, family! Thanks for SUCH a fun winter vacation! 


snorred said...

This is so much better than just looking at the photos...I feel as if I am reliving the vacation!

amy said...

Thanks so much, it is nice to relive fun experiences that way! :)

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