Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Adventure: Grocery Shopping in the Snow!

Tonight I embarked on a new adventure: grocery shopping in the snow! We had a snowstorm hit around 4 p.m., so I stopped and picked up groceries on my way home -- so I would have English muffins in if I needed to work from home for a little while in the morning. (I normally have 2 packets of instant Cream of Wheat with soy milk at my desk!)

I've never pushed a grocery cart through 3 inches of snow. 'Cause who goes shopping in the snow, right? A grocery cart on snow and ice is a wee bit unwieldy. I just went in for a few items, but when I returned, my car was covered!

Plus, it was 9 degrees this morning. Nine degrees. One digit. 9. IX. Chilly.


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