Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tally Ho, Our Sweet Kathryn!

Sweet young Kathryn, and her husband Stephan, are off on a big adventure to Birmingham, England! To celebrate, we had a proper English tea, complete with crustless cucumber samiches (with goat cheese instead of butter!), a variety of wonderful teas, and something called Branston Pickle, which was a very unusual chutney-like or relish-like mix of pickled items and spice, which we had on cheese samiches.

Anita loved this Branston Pickle so much, we couldn't keep her away from it! She grabbed the bottle and ran from the room so as to keep it all to herself!! I think I know what to get Anita for Christmas this year....


Isaac Stott said...

sorry, i randomly came across this blog... branston pickle, fantastic spread, simply made for sandwiches! Then there's Wendsleydale cheese, Cadbury's Chocolate, English toffee, Fish & Chips... the list goes on! Well, as a fellow brit.. welcome home!
haha! enjoy the pickle!

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