Thursday, January 10, 2008

Publications Winter Luncheon!

The Boise publications team winter luncheon was today! Such fun! CH doesn't have a long-leisurely-lunch culture, so the rare sit-down lunch is such a treat!

We went to the Cottonwood Grille. Grille with a "e" at the end. [A little too close to Cottonmouth, if you ask me, and having just recently rewatched Kill B.ill Vol. 1, I kept my eye on the waitstaff.] It was lovely.

My champagne soulmate [my friend and fellow Duck, Paula, pictured here] and I took the opportunity to enjoy a little bubbly in the middle of the day. For as you know, a day with champagne is a very good day. I topped off my crabcakes with tart cherry crisp. Delish.

Most unusual thing said at the luncheon: "My! That's a beautiful dairy!" [Elisa referring to the picture of Paula's in-laws' dairy operation that was passed around, as Paula had just returned from volunteering at her daughter's class during "Dairy Week."]


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