Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Sale of Our House Closes January 18!!

It looks like the sale of our house in Portland is gonna go through! A Portland attorney, his nurse wife, and their 10-year old son will hopefully find as much fun and happiness in that house as we did. Their inspection yielded a small leaking pipe under the house, so that repair, in addition to the other items on their repair addendum, should be wrapped up this week!

We will return this weekend to get the big stuff in storage in Portland (no sense trying to drive a U-Haul through the Blue Mountains in the middle of January!) and then my husband will return to Boise, as he has accrued very little PTO in his short time with the city. I will stay through the 20th, getting the smaller items into storage and doing final clear out of the house, and then flying back to Boise on Sunday the 20th.

We feel very fortunate to have made this transaction in this terrible market!


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