Saturday, August 9, 2008

The End of a Good Run

Well, in all of our nearly 17 years together, I have managed to shun, shirk, and be conveniently unavailable for all yardwork. Don't get me wrong, I ain't afraid of hard work, sign me up for some good manual labor any day. But yardwork usually involves dirt. And dirt usually involves bugs. And I don't do bugs. Bugs are gross. Topped only by worms, the very grossest.

But, as my husband has been working night and day attempting to get the bathroom reasonably guest-ready (no sink, no lights, but at least a door and a shower!), the yardwork fell to me.

Not only did I weed the entire front and backyards, but I also ran the weedeater! AND I repotted this palm for our backyard lounging oasis. Get a load of me! I'm sure I'm going to gain a reputation in the neighborhood as a big green thumb. :)

Plus, our first real tumbleweed blew into the yard! I'm a little obsessed with tumbleweeds and their clean, even lines. In preparation for our move, last Christmas I decorated a tumbleweed like you would a tree. Don't you judge me.


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