Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun at the State Fair!!

The parents graciously joined me at the Western Idaho State Fair! I have to admit, I was expecting more -- many exhibitors seem to have taken their entrants and left...but we had a lovely time. And some good fair junk food. We enjoyed the quail hatching exhibit, the photography pavillion, and we had fun playing with the hawkers in the "we sell weird stuff" hall.

We saw the first part of the free Gary Allan concert, which was pretty good. I practically had to drag the parents out of the mosh pit.

OK, that's a lie. No mosh pit.

A baby miniature horse! He was SO wee!! As I've said before, "I ain't horse people...." but this little guy's squeaky, high-pitched neigh was pretty dang sweet.

"I want 'em all lined up just like a pretty little chorus line..."

And some semi-fresh hay too.

This majestic fellow has a standing invitatation to the Chicken Ranch.


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