Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Visit from Seattle!

Chris, Sally, Louie, and Oliver arrived on Sunday for a visit to Boise! We kept them out way to late and ensured they were really wet most of the time -- my idea of a good vacation! :) They were off on Tuesday morning for a couple of weeks travelling to and staying at Yellowstone.

Here's Sally (left) and me in our super-speedy individual rafts with the highest quality paddles you can get for $14.

Uncle J captained the big boat with Louie (left) and Ollie in it.

Monday was waterpark day, but as I loves me some waterpark, I was in the water most of the time, so I have no pictures. But trust me, it was good times, and likely the boys' highlight of their visit to Boise. After that, we walked downtown (boys on bikes!) for a lovely walking tour and dinner at Bardenay. A woman--who maybe had a slight vision problem -- pretty much rode her bike into Oliver's bike. When I'm riding my bike, I make every effort to not drive into other people. Or bikes. That's just me tho.

Sally and the currently-being-refurbished capitol building.

Last on the docket: Camelsback Park. Those are the younger brothers in the bottom left corner, about to tackle the hill.

Sally and Chris also powered up to the top, to behold the expansive views of Boise!


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