Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Picnic on the Payette!

A picnic on the Payette was in order Saturday afternoon! A quick stop at the deli for samiches, strawberries, and refreshments, a quick drive, and suddenly we were kickin' it in the sand. It was such a lovely adventure!

We didn't build the peace sign, but enjoyed its presence. Plus it made a good cooler.
[Addendum: Excellent eye, A.W. It's true, this isn't a peace symbol at all. Hmm. Did the creators mean to leave out the bottom post? Well, it made me feel peaceful. :)]

It was non-stop rafters and kayakers Saturday afternoon! Looks like a good time, but I'd always rather be in the water than on it... :)


tibs said...

Waitaminutewaitaminute...isn't that a Mercedes emblem there in the water?

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