Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Test Run on the Boise River

As we are not ones to take small children (and their parents, for that matter) down a river we are unfamiliar with, we finally carved out a few hours on Saturday to "Test Float" the Boise River! SUCH fun! The city really knows what they are doing. Really nicely done.

We took the large raft and my "gondolier" navigated while I enjoyed the scenery and the sunshine...

...in my big hat, of course.

OK, you really can't see my toes, but they are painted gold with a red flower, a blue flower, and a white flower on the prime piggies. USA! USA! Trust me, it's quite fabulous.

Plus, really funny story...as we would be out later than the shuttles, we left the Cooper at the take-out spot, and drove the truck to the put-in spot. Where I carefully put my Cooper keys in the truck...because duh! otherwise they'd get wet on the float.

This is the pile of gear my husband was left to sit with at the take-out, while I (soaking wet) took a red taxi to the house for the other set of keys. He thought this little mix-up was HILARIOUS and rather cute. HAH!


tibs said...

I'm dyin' I tell ya...leaving the keys in the other car "for safe keeping" is just the kinda thing I might do. What are we up to now? Similarity #53 between us MST and PST twins? Rockin'!

PS - congrats on reaching the halfway point in your program!!

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