Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Survived the Big Public Hearing!

The public hearing was a great success. We had about 250 people come throughout the evening to examine the materials and register their official comments. Folks were quite civil and polite, even ones who knew they might have transition ahead.
The event was out at a suburban high school, which in itself was a bit of a trip. I spied this odd sculpture in the award cabinet. A coworker assured me it was a "Drama Award." Uhh. OK.

The best part? I actually had these boots in white a while back as part of my Princess Leia halloween costume.

The meeting was from 4 to 8, and we were packed up and ready to go soon after....when a couple of little old ladies (and landowners in the project area) arrived..they thought there was a meeting at 4 and at 8.
So the project managers got some materials out, and taped the big map to one of the cars for her examination.
We're just that "go the extra mile" sorta team. ;)


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